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Cube Call Recorder

Cube ACR records phone calls & VoIP conversations on your Android device, and enables you to record phone calls and voice memos on iPhone.

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Works perfectly. No flaws yet and the recording quality is great. The recordings are rather small in size so you won't get you phone's storage full very soon. Easy to use and intuitive.

Jaden L. Smith
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Great recording capabilities. We use this app on several business mobile phones to voice documents for quality control and customer relations. Used recording twice for legal proceedings. Crystal clear and exports beautifully.

5 starts

Works absolutely great with my LG V40 (and my old V20 as well). Great quality, and unlike other apps I've tried you can clearly hear both sides of the conversation. I also noticed lots of options and help to fix any problems you might run into with different phone models. Highly recommended.

Ray Hoertz